Production Features of the LEGO Business History

Ole Kirk Christiansen started the lego firm in 1932 as a carpenter. But the financial a depressive disorder of that period prevented him from building houses and he had to find other ways to earn money. This individual came up with the idea of making hardwood toys and named his new provider Lego, a mixture of two Danish words: “leg godt, inch meaning “play well. inches

In 1947, Lego produced its first of all large invest in that would change its prospects. It bought a plastic injection-molding machine that allowed them to mass-produce different kinds of plastic material toys. The first 200-plus products included baby rattles, toy tractors and small dolls. Then in 1949, the company started creating what became its well known bricks. They were named Automatic Products Bricks plus they were the forerunners for the Lego hinders that we know today.

The real key piece of the Lego system clicked in to place in 1958 when Christiansen’s son, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, invented a special tube put inside every brick that made it stick to other Lego pieces in nearly endless combos. This finding increased the choice and functions of the Lego bricks and allowed kids to create their particular creations with all of them.

In the nineties, Lego extended into completely different toy groups including electric games and movie-themed toys and games based on well-liked franchises like Star Battles, Batman and Harry Potter. These goes helped to hold the brand relevant and unique, allowing it to maintain a strong global presence. Yet , it also meant that LEGO was required to work to reduce the time it took to bring new items to market.